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2 Diamond Photography

Hey Y'all...

I'm Taylor. Thanks for joining me on this wild adventure! It all started with mud pies, two palomino horses, and all the baby calves our hearts could ever desire. That is what my childhood consisted of with my ride or die I am privileged to call my sister. If we weren’t playing in the mud you could find us riding the two BEST horses you could ever find on our northern Arizona ranch. Our days consisted of dirt, sunshine, and laughter while doing daily chores or rounding up the cattle to move to the next pasture.

This would be where my love for agriculture and the western lifestyle comes from. I have this burning passion to capture the importance of this industry and share it with the world to bring awareness to the importance it holds in everyday lives. Whether that be capturing daily ranch work, livestock grazing in the pasture, or the excitement of branding. Along with the animals and cowboys I have started to try my hand in some family and couple sessions. Not only do I get to capture the lifestyle but now the people who are genuine and true to this type of life that not many people live. To add even more excitement I capture some western fashion for brands in the new and exciting western fashion industry that it is today.

From all that I am sure you have figured out I am a huge lover of all things western lifestyle and agriculture. It excites me to be able to capture such a unique lifestyle and share the importance of it to my viewers. Thanks for stopping by and if any of this grabs your attention feel free to give me a holler and let’s see what we can capture for you.


"Capturing the wild and true moments of the western heritage showing it is alive and well."


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Travelling photographer based in Arizona. 


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